05.16.2016Enterprise Tech

Q&A: Verizon’s award winning executive briefing program

By: Kevin King
Businessmen in a cordial meeting

Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ Executive Briefing Program was recently awarded the “2016 World Class Briefing Program of the Year” by the Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM). This is the industry’s highest honor. Verizon was recognized for excellence in management, customer experience, measurement and planning. We sat down with Stacy Cummings, director of customer engagement to learn more about the program, the value these briefings provide clients and the significance of the ABPM acknowledgement.

Q: Can you describe Verizon’s executive briefing program?

A: The Executive Briefing Program provides a forum for us to sit face-to-face with clients and discuss visions, strategies, capabilities, etc. Additionally, we bring in subject matter experts and other partners to help us frame our solutions and capabilities around the client’s specific industry challenges. It’s equal parts information sharing, strategy discussion, product/service overview at a deeper level then we could do this at a conference or during a sales meeting.

Q: What is the goal(s) of doing executive briefings? How do they help Verizon? How do they help our clients?

A: The goal of an Executive Briefing is education – both for Verizon and our clients.  We are able to learn our client’s goals, objectives and pain points. Our customers hear our expertise in the industry and learn our capabilities and product/solution roadmap. The meetings are designed to jointly reach solutions to our customer biggest problems.  They also have the opportunity to see products/services in action through our demonstrations and Innovation labs. Everyone is working together to move our clients’ businesses forward.

Additionally, and maybe just as important, these briefings build relationships. Briefings are built for collaboration. The face-to-face interaction provides a unique opportunity to bring clients, partners and Verizon executives together focusing on a specific set of challenges or requirements. This is invaluable to making Verizon a trusted advisor to our clients.

Q: What makes our executive briefing program unique?

A: Actually, each program is built uniquely for the client so no two are alike. We invite subject matter experts, develop presentations and produce live product/service demonstrations specifically for the client in attendance. We do our homework and craft the day to meet their needs.

Q: What is the ABPM and why does their recognition matter?

A: ABPM has worked for 20+ years to identify the characteristics that define a world class briefing program.  These characteristics (management, customer experience, measurement and planning) outline how a briefing program can help deliver results for sales and are based on input and study of Fortune 1,000 companies.  They are recognized as the gold standards for executive briefing programs.

Earning this award acknowledges the investment Verizon made in our executive briefing program and shows that we continue to lead our industry, and all industries, in using executive briefing programs to better serve our clients and help them improve their business.

Q: What are next steps? Any improvements or new programs that you’re planning to add to the EBC?

A: In 2016, we are looking to rework our demonstration program to better align with Verizon’s integrated portfolio.  We want to help our customers understand how our solutions either stand alone or integrated can solve their long term strategic challenges.

For more information on Verizon’s Executive Briefing Program, visit: http://www.verizonenterprise.com/about/executivebriefingprogram/.