Razr thin

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Ric Manning from the Courier-Journal in Kentucky shares his thoughts on the Droid Razr by Motorola.

I thought my new Android smart phone was pretty light and slim, but that was before I compared it to Motorola’s new version of the Razr. It makes any phone — even the latest iPhone — look a little chunky.

This is the same trick Motorola pulled in 2004 when the original Razr flip phone set a new standard for cellphone design. This new smart-phone version may again force other companies to put their devices on a diet.

The Razr is little more than a display screen with a slight bump for its digital camera. But that doesn’t mean it’s fragile. The screen sits behind a sliver of scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass with an aluminum housing and a back panel covered with Kevlar — that stuff they use to make bulletproof vests.