Review: Motorola RAZR

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Bryant Plano from gagagadget explains why the Droid Razr by Motorola is truly as great as everyone thought it would be.

A short while ago, I dropped my HTC Desire for an iPhone 4S. It was a pretty sensible choice – aside from the higher price on my mobile plan ($20 more or so) – but I was dissatisfied with Android and its feature limitations. Plus, my phone was slow and just didn’t perform as well as I’d wanted. I mainly hinged the blame on the phone itself – it was “old”, which comes out to something like a year or so – and so it was easily outrun by the top smartphones in the world. Needless to say, I had slightly higher expectations for the latest phone I picked up, but I didn’t think I would be overly impressed with the new RAZR, even though its previous version (the flip phone) was one of my favorite phones ever. Was I right in my assumption? You’ll have to find out after the break.

The Design

Let me two main points out of the way: the RAZR is a HUGE and THIN phone.

Seriously, I had to use my entire hand to hold onto this thing. It’s probably not a great phone for the small-handed, but maybe if you get creative on how you hold it…

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