Roadtreking With Mike Wendland: Louisville Realtor Embraces 4G LTE

I thought I was a tech guy. I have a serious love of all things tech, especially if it can be used online or as a way to communicate.

Then I met Bob Sokoler and found out I am not the only one.

Bob is a longtime TV reporter and anchor who worked across the country before opening a real estate office in Louisville, KY a dozen or so years ago.

Today, his Medley-Sokoler team of realtors is one of the top real estate firms in the country. And Sokoler credits technology and Verizon’s 4G LTE network as playing a major role in that success.

Walk into his office, past the big illuminated “On Air” sign, and you think you have walked into Mission Control. Five huge flat screen video monitors surround his desk. Two desktops and a state-of-the-art laptop power websites, video editing stations and a podcasting studio.

bob sokoler office

Out in his Chevy Volt car (he was the first person to get the electric-powered car in Louisville) he carries his own drone.

That’s right, a drone – a high definition equipped quadracopter that he launches to take aerial shots of the houses they sell and the neighborhoods surrounding them.

“People want video,” he says. “They want to see what they’re considering. The better the video and the faster they can get that information, the faster they buy.”

He often shoots videos, edits them and uploads them to his servers from the field, using a Verizon 4G LTE Jetpack.

“This is often even faster than our cable connection in the office,” Bob marvels.

The biggest monitor in his office tracks, in real time, visitors to his various websites. Once a potential client logs in and starts looking at a property, Bob and his team can see what's happening. Usually, he’ll whip out his iPhone and send the client a personal video e-mail so “they know there’s a real person behind this firm who takes a personal interest in what they’re looking for.”

bob sokoler

He also uses an iPad and Verizon 4G LTE connectivity to take customers on virtual tours of his listings right from their living room. “I can draw a circle on a map on the screen of the iPad, show them all the listings inside that circle I drew and then tap on them to show the property details. It’s all online and the network gets us there lightening fast.”

Bob has traveled the country teaching other real estate agents how to use technology.

“Any agent, any body, any business can use the basic communication skills you were given just by being born and learning a language,” he says. “But by using technology like Verizon’s 4G LTE network, our communication now gets to that person a lot quicker than it would have before. Speed is the name of the game.”

Check out the accompanying video for a deeper look into how Bob uses technology.

Disclosure: While Verizon Wireless compensates Mike for the stories he reports from his travels throughout the Midwest about how technology enhances our lifestyles, all opinions and content are directly from Mike, not Verizon Wireless.

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