Small Business Tech Tips: 3 Reasons I Love the Galaxy Note Tablet

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Thanks to my friends at Verizon, I've been testing the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for the past eight weeks. At first I was a little apprehensive about it, as I seldom use my iPad for any work-related stuff, and I thought this would be just another tech toy for me to play with. I'm so glad I gave it a real test.

First, I brought it to a client meeting for a website redesign. I had thought I'd just use it to tap out a few notes, maybe try out the stylus and see how the handwriting recognition worked, and maybe bring up his website to make sure it looked good. And I did do that. But then I remembered I could split the screen and bring up his site AND the notepad. That was really handy for making notes.

As I was doing that, I accidentally hit the screen capture button - and boy was I glad for that happy accident. I got to take a screenshot AND I could write on it to make notes exactly where the changes needed to be made on his website. That was so efficient—no guessing afterward.

Then, I decided to use it during a meeting to live tweet. Hootsuite worked perfectly, and I could take pictures and share them easily right from the tablet. Big love.

Lastly, I took a trip to Kansas City, MO over the Easter break. I brought the device with me, mostly to check in on email and a little bit of Twitter and Facebook action. It worked great for that, but when I needed the full features of my laptop, I used the device as a wireless hotspot for all my devices to connect to. Except for three tiny dead zones in Iowa, I had 4G LTE speeds everywhere I went, for all my devices. I even participated in a Twitter chat on the go. Really cool!

As I see it, the device has three ways of being used effectively:

1) As a notebook to write notes on actual screenshots in my own handwriting.

2) As a multi-task machine I can use in client meetings for website redesigns.

3) As a mobile hotspot that works everywhere I am.

The only improvement? I would purchase a portable keyboard in a case that could hook up to the tablet so I could use it even more efficiently.

Stay tuned...more small business tech tips to come!

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