Smart Semester: Top 50 College Student Apps

This is a continuation of our ongoing college series, “Your Smart Semester: Technology 101.” We invited Ali Hendricks, a Butler University student, to spend a little time with technology and give us her college take. Today, Ali is talking about great college students apps for study, organization and more.

Typically when I think of a smartphone app, I think of something like Instagram, Twitter or Angry Birds. So, if you’re like me, you might be surprised to know that the collection of smartphone apps out there in the appmosphere go way beyond just posting selfies or blowing up coconuts. Go figure. With the help of apps, you can be a more effective and efficient student.

Kendall Bird, inbound marketing specialist for Rasmussen College, wrote an article outlining important college student apps you should know about. Since she’s quite the expert on apps for smartphones, I decided to catch up with her about her app knowledge.

Kendall Bird

Kendall uses her smartphone full throttle with apps and said she thinks students should take the opportunity to do the same.

“If I could recommend just five smartphone college student apps, I would tell them to download: Google Drive, LinkedIn, Pulse, Trello and Any.DO. Also, make a list of your wants in a smartphone app – what do you want to accomplish with the app? Will it be helpful for your educational goals or will it ultimately be a distraction?”

“My advice for students looking for good apps is to first look at the list I created (50 Smartphone Apps for College Students). All in all, it’s important to research the apps you’re considering and download a few of them for trial runs with your daily activities before you decide on an app for your organization and studying needs.”

“Smartphones have entered into the mainstream economy and have become part of our daily lives. They are our connections to everyone in our lives, and apps are the way we connect with others – whether it be social gaming, social media or a simple phone call.”

There really is an app for everything, from games to maps, from dictionaries to calculators and more. Some of them can be really helpful – especially college student apps. Know what you’re looking for, do some research on the best app to achieve that goal and then enjoy the benefits.

You won’t be disappointed.

Check in every Thursday as Ali provides tips on various apps, buying trends, assorted technology for college students and more.

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