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08.03.2018Inside Verizon

The week in review, from A (new CEO) to Z3.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

A 5G device first, Hans Vestberg’s first days as CEO and we run to the aid of first responders and an adorable puppy.

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The new.
We've unveiled the world's first 5G-upgradable device, the moto z3. George Koroneos shares more from the event.
The review.
Want to know more about our new CEO Hans Vestberg? Look no further. We compiled everything you need to know about Hans in one placeAlso, helping first responders and a cute puppy, Molly, find her owner; narrowing down the best Hack Day ideas; a new Credo video; the 5G Open Innovation team is helping technicians troubleshoot issues in the real world.

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