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08.09.2018Inside Verizon

Stream 45 million songs on Apple Music for free.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Our new deal with Apple gives Verizon customers six months of Apple Music on the house. Plus, a special Facebook Live event today at 11 AM ET with Actor/Singer Mack Wilds.

Up To Speed 8-9 Video

We’ve got a great deal for customers on our Unlimited plans — six months of Apple Music for free. Plus, 5G lingo to help you talk the talk and Nicki Palmer is guiding the next generation towards careers in STEM.

We’ve also got some great live events today starting at 11 AM ET, with a Facebook Live event with actor/singer Mack Wilds. Then at 4 PM ET, Rose Kirk is at the Build Studios to host a panel discussion about closing the digital divide.

The Rundown: “Friends Mix”, the $600 smart oven and exoskeleton vests for Ford workers.

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