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10.10.2019Inside Verizon

Can you ace Andy and Kacie’s benefits quiz?

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Today on Up To Speed: Some of the answers may surprise you!


Pop Quiz! Kacie and I are putting on our game show hosting hats to quiz fellow V Teamers on all of our great Verizon benefits plans.

From what the P’s in PPO stand for to how much the plan costs for families, many of our “contestants” were pleasantly surprised with the answers. 

“Make sure you check out all of our plans as you weigh your options,” said Benefits leader Kevin Cammarata, “Open Enrollment for U.S. management employees kicks off October 22nd.” 

Follow along with the video clip to see if you can answer all of our quiz questions and let us know if you aced it. Even if you missed a few, just remember there are plenty of resources available to you, thanks to our HR Team. 

Stay tuned for more Benefits episodes to help you make the best decision for you and your families.


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