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Today on Up To Speed: Fortnite and flying cars are making waves this week.

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A Fortnite mystery.

Popular video-game, Fortnite became nothing more than a never-ending black hole on Sunday. Over 20,000 players watched a live-stream of the abyss as part of “The End,”  an event signaling the culmination of Season 10. To the relief of superfans, the game was restored Tuesday with the brand new Chapter 2, complete with new skins, a new map and even more to discover. 

Boeing and Porsche team up for a flying car.

Flying cars may soon be a reality, thanks to a partnership with aircraft giant Boeing and German automaker Porsche. Although the companies did not provide much detail around production cost or timeline, their joint announcement stated they are teaming up to create a “fully electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle.” This development is part of plans by Porsche’s parent company, Volkswagen, to manufacture 22 million electric cars within the next 10 years. 

Paccum, the space-saving vacuum. 

Packing your luggage just became easier thanks to the tiny but mighty Paccum. Smaller than a smartphone, the Paccum will save you up to 50% of luggage space by sucking the air out of vacuum bags meant to hold your clothing. Priced at $60 you can also purchase the vacuum bags for $25. 

Massive wave energy buoy harnesses power of the ocean.

Oregon-based shipbuilders, Vigor Industrial, and the Irish energy company, Ocean Energy, have completed construction of an 826-ton buoy that will harness the power of ocean waves as a renewable source of energy. Constructed in Portland, the OE Buoy will now set sail for Kanehoe Bay, Hawaii, where it will be deployed for 12 months at the U.S. Navy Wave Energy Test Site. Considering the size of the OE Buoy, it has the potential to reduce CO2 by 180,000 tons over a year, and provide power to up to 18,750 homes. 

Domestic Violence Awareness Webcast.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Check out today’s webcast at 10 AM to learn about the warning signs of domestic violence, what we can do to help and much more. The webcast replay will also be available on VZWeb.


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