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10.08.2019Inside Verizon

All this green shouldn’t go unseen.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Our green results are all adding up on today's Up To Speed.

All this green shouldn’t go unseen.

September was a big month for reaching sustainable goals. We completed our 1 millionth tree planting in Southlake, TX. The tree stands at an amazing 22 feet tall. Our goal is to plant 10 million total trees by 2030 so only 9 million more to go!

We sponsored a tree planting and community garden event as part of our Super Bowl partnership. This is just one of many community events our green team is taking part in leading up to Super Bowl LIV in Miami. Check out the Sustainability Calendar for more information.

Our largest recycle rally of the year happened in Dulles, VA. We collected over 45,000 pounds of recycling from employees and local community members from this event alone!

This put us at our 2020 goal of collecting 4 millions pounds a year! The new goal? 5 million pounds by 2022.

Jim Gowen and green team members at the New Jersey Audubon Society where volunteers were getting their hands dirty cutting bamboo, planting ferns, and making a path for visitors to enjoy.

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