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10.09.2019Inside Verizon

What would you do for $100K?

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Today on Up To Speed: One woman is giving up her smartphone for a year. And Jeremy interviewed Michael Strahan (but not for the $$$).

What would you do for $100K?

On Monday, our marketing team united to build 63 robots that will be donated to our Verizon Innovative Learning schools. The team also had a chance to hear from football legend and TV star Michael Strahan about his perspective on 5G, creativity and the value of teamwork.

The Movies Anywhere app is now available for Fios customers. Effortlessly access all your movies on any device wherever and whenever! To sign up for a free account, visit verizon.com/moviesanywhere or MoviesAnywhere.com.

The power of science is making true strides toward medical developments as seen in a paralyzed man who was able to move with the help of a mind-reading exoskeleton. How does it work? Two electrodes are placed on the part of the brain that controls movement and the recorded brain waves are then sent to the exoskeleton. What an innovative way to develop tech for a greater good!

In hopes of winning $100,000, one woman has given up her smartphone to participate in Vitaminwater’s “scroll free for a year” challenge. To ensure the woman does not access her smartphone, she was given a Kyocera flip phone and will take a lie-detector test at the end of the year. With only four months left, the woman claims to enjoy her life sans social media. Would you let Instagram and Snapchat stand in the way of $100,000?

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