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5G takes the wheel in Mcity.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Today on Up To Speed: Driverless cars put our network to the test.


Get ready for a special livestream September 19.

Mark your calendars, next Thursday September 19th, because we’re bringing you a special livestream event hosted by Brittany Jones-Cooper from the BUILD series. The talk will highlight some of the work Verizon is doing to help drive education, technology, and sustainability, into the future. The event is likely to spark conversation and hopefully a little inspiration as well.

Driverless cars connect with Verizon 5G in Mcity.

At Mcity, the University of Michigan’s advanced mobility research center, engineers are using Verizon’s 5G network to test out driverless vehicles. Mcity has a 32-acre test facility that helps recreate real-world traffic problems and situations for cars to navigate. Verizon has installed 5G-connected cameras at each one of Mcity’s intersections, allowing researchers to collect important data, and allowing the driverless cars to connect to the 5G network. For driverless vehicles to be truly safe, they need to be connected to a network that can transmit huge amounts of data with incredibly low-latency. That’s where 5G comes in. “Only 5G can transmit data faster than the blink of an eye,” said Network Engineer Anthony Magnan. Read our announcement to learn more.


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