Storm warning: How to stay connected when you’re “working from home”

By: George Koroneos
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Snow days were a ton of fun when you were a kid, but not so much now that you have a job and responsibilities. Luckily, Verizon has you covered. Thanks to Verizon Unlimited you don’t have to worry about running out of data and losing touch with friends, family and your colleagues when a blizzard rolls into town and you have to “work from home.” Here’s what your day could look like.

7am – The alarm rings on your Google Pixel smartphone. You check your Canary Flex app and notice that there are a few inches of snow on the ground. There’s nothing else to do but hit snooze on The Rock Clock app* and fall back to sleep.

8am – The alarm sounds again and you ask Google Assistant on your Pixel for a weather update. A blizzard watch is in effect for your county meaning you’re going to have to “work from home” today. No biggie; you’ve got Verizon Unlimited.

8:30 – Hop in the shower and stream your favorite tunes on your waterproof JBL Clip 2 and daydream about where you’re going to go on your summer vacation.

9am – Head downstairs for breakfast and ask Google Home for a blueberry pancake recipe. It searches Epicurious and finds the perfect flapjack for you.

9:30am – Log into your work account and check your email on your smartphone. It’s going to be a busy day today, but at least you’re connected.

10am – Take your only conference call of the day using your wireless LG Tone Pro headphones. The sound is so crisp that no one thinks that you’re not in the office.

10:30am – Upload photos of those delicious pancakes you made for breakfast to Instagram while pretending to pay attention to what’s being said on the call. Don’t forget to add a filter and hashtag #Verizon.

11am – Grab your snow boots, gloves, jacket and Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds and head out to shovel while streaming your favorite playlist on Spotify. Even better, track your steps using your Fitbit Alta and get a workout while you clean off your car. Next year, you won’t forget to buy a new snowblower.

12pm – First round of shoveling is done. It’s time to warm up with a hot cup of cocoa, eat some lunch and catch up on The Runner on Go90.

12:30pm – Back to work. It’s time for a video call with your supervisor using HD Voice & Video Calling. She’s excited to see how much you’ve accomplished this morning and says she’ll check back in later.

1pm – Oh no! The power just went out and your WiFi is down. Don’t worry, you’ve got Verizon Unlimited and can turn your Pixel into a mobile hotspot, ensuring that you don’t have to stop checking email while you’re “working from home.”

1:30pm - You attach your Pixel to your mophie Powerstation, which gives your smartphone up to two full charges, and provides you with peace of mind that you’ll have enough juice.

2pm – The power comes back on and you update Twitter to let everyone know that your power is back on. Guess who didn’t have to worry about losing internet access? Hashtag #checkyourunlimited

2:30pm – Have you snapchatted dog ears on yourself yet? Now might be a good time.

2:45pm – Take a quick break from work and use Facebook Live to show your friends the epic amount of snow falling on your front yard. Don’t forget to take a selfie while making a snow angel. Everyone loves snow angels.

3pm – Take a break from your spreadsheets and watch an award-winning movie on Fios.

5pm – Your work day is done. The good news? Your commute is super easy. The bad news is that there’s another foot of snow waiting for you outside, but it can wait.

8pm – The snow is finally tapering off. It’s time to pour a glass of wine, curl up on the couch with your loved one and binge watch Netflix. Working from home is pretty awesome.

If your day was anything like this, you could easily use up to a 2GB of data. Luckily you have Verizon Unlimited, so there’s no need for data anxiety.

*The Rock Clock app doesn’t actually have a snooze button, because The Rock does not snooze.

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About the author(s): 

George Koroneos is a PR Manager at Verizon