Study: Many parents not setting rules for children's cell phone use

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GoErie.com shares details about Verizon’s recent study about cell phone use.

Heidi Sheehan pushed for cell phones for her two sons, not the other way around.

She liked the idea of instant communication and wanted peace of mind as she gave Ryan and Connor, then 11 and 9, more independence.

Still, the Summit Township mother knew she also needed something else: ground rules.

Before handing over the phones in 2010, she and her husband, Craig, set limits on when calls could be made, and they made sure the boys understood that lessons about respect and etiquette applied to cell-phone calls, texts and pictures taken on cell phones.

“We’ve talked about that so much outside of phone usage,” Sheehan said. “Respect people and their feelings. Don’t do something you wouldn’t want done to you.”

In many houses, those conversations aren’t happening when it comes to cell-phone use

A new study by Verizon Wireless found that the average age at which parents buy their children cell phones is 11.6 years old. Ninety-five percent do so for safety reasons and to ensure they can reach their children anytime.

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