Survey Shows Grandkids Are Grandparents' Frontline Tech Support

Grandkids Prepare! Over 40% of Grandparents Having Trouble Mostly With Computers/Laptops Say They Will Seek Help from Their Grandchildren

Grandma can't figure out how to attach a photo to an email or thinks she needs to power down her iPhone after every call. You've all been there. As good kids, you've assumed the role of tech support for our grandparents. With the holidays approaching, you will once again rise to the occasion.

I hit the ground and surveyed seniors about technology needs and tech support go-tos at two holiday events in Washington D.C. There were 112 survey respondents – 91 of whom were grandmothers; 21 grandfathers.

Bottom line: Grandkids, prepare. Questions about computers and smartphones are coming this holiday.

Most grandparents (43.24%) immediately ask their grandchildren before they turn to their own sons and daughters (36.94%). Nearly 20 percent of the grandparents surveyed say they tend to ask someone else.

Who do you typically ask for help from first when it comes to technology needs?

Almost all grandparents (79.25%) expect to get some help with technology over the holidays and most will have questions already prepared for their children and/or grandchildren when they come to visit.

Will you ask your child/grandchild for help with technology during the holidays?

Grandparents were split 50/50 on having a list of technology questions prepared for when their children/grandchildren visit their homes.

Do you typically have a list of technology questions prepared for when your child/grandchild visit your home?



Grandparents will need the most help with their computers and smartphones this year.

Which do you need most help with when it comes to technology?