Tagg Pet Tracker Will Help With Animal Rescues

Angie Fenton is the entertainment correspondent for WHAS11′s “Great Day Live!” in Louisville, KY. She is also a philanthropist, freelance writer, editor, on-camera commercial talent, emcee and event host. A Michigan native, she moved to Kentucky in 2002 and is owned by three dogs, Herbie, Yoda and Zeke, a gentle giant who uses a wheelchair. In the photo to the left, Angie Fenton is with Zeke. Photo by Kevin Talley.

As an animal lover and advocate in the greater Louisville community, I was thrilled when Verizon Wireless offered me the opportunity to try out the Tagg Pet Tracker, a GPS collar clip that lets you track your pet's location on your smartphone. All three of my dogs are chipped and licensed, which is crucial, but I found that the Tagg Pet Tracker gives added protection and peace of mind because I could literally see their whereabouts in the palm of my hand.

After receiving my positive review, Verizon then offered me the opportunity to give away a Tagg Pet Tracker to one lucky winner via social media using the hashtag #VZW&AngieFindPets. Dozens of pet lovers shared their stories about losing and then finding one of their animals. A panel of people helped me choose the winner: Mary K. Korfhage of Louisville. Mary's story is below and was the clear winner, but the best part about picking her is that she is going to donate the Pet Tracker for use with rescues.

Mary's story:

"We had only had our deaf puppy, Disco, for a few months and were still teaching him signs and learning how to deal with his differences. One winter day, I was suffering with a stomach bug and got up to let him out to potty, only to see him hit the frozen gate and take off. Even though I was nauseated, I threw on my coat and boots (there was snow on the ground) and took off down the street screaming as loud as I could. (I later learned it is smart to yell even for a deaf dogs; neighbors can hear and return him to you!)

I ran probably a mile around my neighborhood crying and screaming his name when it dawned on me that perhaps he was "visiting" the unaltered (I know, really?!) female next door. I sprinted up my hill to the neighbor's house, saw nothing in the yard, and realized, yes, he had perhaps followed her in the doggie door. I knew this because she is typically outside barking at me! I peered through the door and yes, there was Disco, chasing the sheltie round and round the kitchen island! I caught his eye through the glass and was able to entice him back out the dog door to me. I immediately came home and scheduled his neuter for the very next day!"

Thank you, Verizon Wireless, for caring about people and pets, and striving to make a difference in our world!

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