They Came, They Saw, They Binged on FiOS TV Video On Demand

As the fall TV premieres appeared in late September, FiOS TV customers came, watched and binged.

In sizable fashion, 1 in 4 FiOS TV customers participated in the recent Verizon fall marathon that involved 2,000+ movies, 50 full and catch up seasons, 34 new fall season episodes and 10 new fall season premieres.

For comparison, 48% more video on demand (VOD) transactions took place during the days of the fall marathon as compared to those same days in 2012.  In addition, the fall marathon racked up a 45% increase in VOD participants than Verizon’s last major VOD marathon in May.

The growth in viewership during the fall marathon stretched across the board in all major categories.  What we observed reflects the enthusiastic public response toward binge-viewing and that the rising popularity of watching programs after they appear live is not just limited to how people watch Over The Top services, but also applies to how consumers watch FiOS TV.

During the fall marathon, the most watched TV series was Boardwalk Empire, followed by The Walking Dead, Bad Girls Club, The Newsroom and Duck Dynasty.

Fall premieres produced a large amount of VOD usage too, with Sleepy Hollow not looking sleepy at all.  It produced the largest number of VOD transactions among FiOS TV subscribers, far outpacing the next most watched TV shows Dancing With the Stars, The X Factor, NCIS and Survivor.

In terms of movie watching on VOD, family flicks and comedies produced the greatest amount of viewership.  The top five movies most watched on demand were Wreck-It Ralph, Parental Guidance, Ice Age:Continental Drift, Argo and Pitch Perfect.

There will be more free, previews of popular content for FiOS TV customers in the future, and we’ll keep you apprised here.