Three children celebrate their heroes for Black History Month

Black History Month is an integral part of our nation’s tradition. By reliving and remembering these historical events and exemplary leaders, Americans are bringing awareness to the challenges and struggles endured by the black community – knowledge that is imperative for our future leaders to better understand national and world history.

Americans of every race, belief and even age are connected to the rich history of this nation, and by observing Black History Month year after year, they are brought together in a tradition of acknowledgment and community, while continuing to foster the development of future black heroes.

This year we are chronicling three children of Verizon team members as they share what Black History Month means to them and the heroes they look up to.  We are reminded by our future generation of the journey and stance that each of these heroes took to ensure a more united and opportunistic country.

The following videos explore the perspectives of a different age group as they discuss prominent black figures, both historical and present day, that have inspired them most.

Kofi Opoku Agyeman shares what Black History Month means to him

Maya Mosley shares what Black History Month means to her

Julian Fitzgerald shares what Black History Month means to him