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Thwarting theft, matching your Red Cross donations and watching the Winter Olympics through Yahoo Mail.

By: Jeremy Godwin

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What’s happening around Verizon? We announce a new anti-theft and fraud policy, we match your American Red Cross donations and watch the Winter Olympics through Yahoo Mail.
Starting today, Tami Erwin detailed a new plan to protect employees and customers. The new plan will lock all phones and tablets until they are purchased through our point of system. The “unlock” process won’t impact customer experiences. Secondly, to support, Verizon will match any donation (over $10) up to 2.5 million dollars through the American Red Cross foundation until Feb. 24. Next, Raymond Harding of Loves Park, Illinois was inspired by Verizon’s Super Bowl LII commercial, so much so, that he wanted to find the fireman who saved his life when he was five years old. He reached out to the Rockford Fire Department to say “thank you.” Lastly, Yahoo Mail launched a new feature so its users can keep live updates of medal counts during the Winter Olympics. The graphic will show the number of medals each country has won and divides them into different sections – gold, silver and bronze. Yahoo also partnered with Yahoo Sports to bring Winter Olympics headlines under the medal counter. 
The stories.
ROCKFORD - "It's kind of crazy to think, right here, they were administering CPR and I was supposed to basically lose my life, right here," said Loves Park resident Raymond Harding, looking at the front stoop of his old apartment on Middlebury Avenue in Rockford.
The 2018 Winter Olympics have officially begun and for those using Yahoo Mail, keeping up with the events is much easier. With its new desktop and mobile app feature, you can stay on top of the Winter Games without having to leave your inbox.

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