Travel Apps to Make Vacation Planning a Breeze

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Lori Hillebrand, Northpark Mall (Illinois) Verizon Wireless store manager, contributed to this post.

Preparing for a vacation can be stressful, but vacation should be an enjoyable, carefree time. To help enter the vacation state of mind, new smartphone apps can help – from planning to keeping track of trip memories.

  • Packing appropriately for a destination’s variable weather while accommodating children’s or other family member's requests can lead to an over packed suitcase. Packing Pro, an app available on Apple devices, generates packing lists based on the number, age and gender of people on the trip. The app also factors in destination, expected temperatures and clothes washing availability and preferences.
  • Once in transit, a scramble for confirmation numbers often occurs. Instead of searching for a number in old emails or on a loose scrap of paper, smartphone users can utilize TripIt (available for Android and iOS devices), a free app that organizes all your travel logistics. TripIt compiles forwarded emails from the device user to develop an organized itinerary.
  • After simplifying trip preparations, your smartphone or tablet can be turned into a journal to help keep track of memoires from the vacation. Trip Journal Lite, a free app available on Android devices, tracks, documents and shares vacation highlights with friends and family. Creating a more interactive record of vacations, Trip Journal Lite enables users to add pictures, video and location to the Trip Journal that can be shared with family and friends on various social media sites.

Looking for additional apps to help with your vacation? You can stop by your local Verizon Wireless store and chat with our team of experts to get some great recommendations.

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