TV Apps: Fall Back into TV Show Favorites

Fall has returned to the Midwest, and that also means the return of many popular TV shows. With today’s technology, viewers can bring their television with them wherever they go with TV apps on various types of devices and accessories.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ($499.99) is great for anyone on the go. The Note has multi-window capabilities, making it easier than ever to mix business with pleasure. One window can be open for work and one for streaming a favorite show. Sync the tablet to the Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones ($249.99) and enjoy the crisp sound and wireless freedom. The around-the-ear design of the headphones makes them so comfortable that you may not want to take them off during its seven-hour battery life.

In a review, a blogger from SmartHome.com found the headphones to be “light and comfortable and possess good sound quality — three important traits for a pair of portable headphones.” The headphones are also capable of switching between devices, making answering a call during the show on the Droid Maxx ($299.99 with two year activation) effortless.

The new Droid Maxx is the perfect companion for TV apps. It has battery power that outlasts all other smartphones and is on Verizon's 4G LTE network. We offer 4G LTE in more than 500 markets, and with the power of 4G LTE, you're able to stream video in high definition, game in real time and surf effortlessly.

The combination of the Droid Maxx’s battery life and 4G LTE network allow Walking Dead fans to freely “dead” themselves faster and without worry of draining their battery. The Walking Dead Dead Yourself app (free for both Android and iOS) allows users to turn themselves into a photo-realistic Walker zombie. Fans can simply take a picture of themselves and edit the photo using realistic zombie mouths and props. Users are then able to share their picture with the world by uploading it directly to Facebook or Twitter.

For reality TV fans, there is an app to accompany Duck Dynasty diehards. The free Duck Dynasty Fan app allows fans to read quotes, watch videos, take quizzes and more.

For loyal NCIS fans, there is the NCIS Fan app (free). With the show in its 11th season, the app helps viewers keep track of episodes already seen, with update notifications for future episodes, so viewers will never miss an episode again. The app also provides a quiz for fans to test their knowledge of the show.

For those ready to geek out while watching the Big Bang Theory, the TBS Big Bang app (free for Android) is a must have. While watching the show, the app allows users to get exclusive content and conversation that is in sync with the show. The app will listen to the TV and serve up an enhanced experience to match the episode on TV, perfect for any Big Bang Theory fan.

One reviewer on ipadinsights.com enjoyed the amount of content. “I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the app is actually a heck of a lot of fun – and I ended up using it continuously throughout back-to-back episodes of The Big Bang Theory. So I spent an hour with it, and it was an enjoyable hour and really did add to the experience and the fun of watching the show.”

Those are a few of our suggested TV apps to use with your favorite smartphones and tablets. Are there others you use?

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