TV Host Andi Hauser Puts the UP by Jawbone Through a Mini-Marathon

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We asked Andi Hauser, co-host of Indy Style TV on WISH-TV, Indianapolis’ CBS network, to try out our latest fitness device when she ran in the One America 500 Mini-Marathon. Here’s Andi’s take on the UP by Jawbone.

As a runner, monitoring my level of activity has previously been limited to a GPS wristwatch that is in use only during my timed runs.

I have a pretty good idea of how many calories I burn each mile—and thanks to my watch—a good idea of my pace and distance.

That’s all well and good if my running shoes are laced up. The fact is we are always burning calories even while sitting at an office computer.

While calculating the miles and calories on a run is pretty easy, what about the rest of our daily activity? How many times are you jumping up from your desk and walking to a co-worker’s cubical? What about chasing the kids around after work or walking the dog?

The UP by Jawbone gives insight into the daily physical activity most of us don’t bother to measure or simply can’t. UP offers up information about your daily movement and ways to increase your activity.

Truth is—if you’re measuring activity, you’re likely to do more of it. Most all of us are results oriented and like to feel that we’ve accomplished something. The UP will set a goal for you each day and it’s up to you to reach that goal.

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Simply download an UP app to your Smartphone, plug the UP directly into your smartphone and you’re ready to start learning more about yourself. You only need an adaptor when connecting your UP to your laptop for charging.

Not only does the UP by Jawbone measure your movement but also your sleep quality at night. If you’re really into learning more about yourself, log your food intake. Logging food intake is a great way to hold yourself accountable for what you’re taking into your body.

I know what you’re thinking—wait the UP is by Jawbone and it’s not Bluetooth? It’s a small lightweight bracelet with a battery life of up to 10 days. A Bluetooth feature on UP would significantly shorten the battery life. It’s better to have UP on your wrist rather than hooked up to your computer and charging all the time.

A fun feature that takes some getting used to—the bracelet vibrates every 15 minutes or so if you’ve not moved. Might make you jump the first couple times it happens but sometimes we all need a reminder to get off our butts. This is just one of a few different features you can control and adjust through the app on your smartphone.

Wanting to really put the UP to the test, I used it as part of my gear for the Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis. Loved the data UP collected for me during that race. Check it out: 27, 053 steps and 1,913 burned calories got me to the finish line.

UP graph

The bracelet wrapped around my wrist at 6:36 a.m. A few hours later at 10:33 a.m., I synced it and proudly shared my results. The graphics associated with the UP app are colorful and very easy to read. Yes, running more than 16 miles is a lot, but 27, 000 steps just sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

The UP by Jawbone is a great addition to healthier living. You don’t have to be a runner or athlete to love this product or find it useful. In fact, if you’re just an average Joe or Jane who’d like some motivation to do more and live healthier then UP is a lifestyle enhancement device that will get you UP and going!

Our thanks to Andi for this extensive review of the UP by Jawbone. You can follow Andi on Twitter @andihauser. For more information on the Jawbone UP, visit your local Verizon Wireless store or shop online.