Using Technology to Live a Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle

This is a guest post from Robin Shea (@SoFriedFitness), blogger, TV and radio personality, fitness trainer and lifestyle coach for Southern Fried Fitness. The Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle is living clean and healthy 80% of the time, but always saving 20% for a guilt-free southern indulgence.

I specialize in Lifestyle Reinvention, a process of becoming aware of old defeating habits and replacing them with new, healthier habits designed to serve long-term health and fitness goals. As a Lifestyle Reinvention specialist, I am always on the lookout for tools to assist in the reinvention process. I owe it to my clients to be up-to-speed on all the newest technology, as well as the latest trending super-foods, fitness equipment, supplements and more.

I have a very discerning eye and can be really tough on well-meaning products. My product review question is this: Does this product ADD VALUE to my life or the life of my clients?

Reinventing your relationship with food and fitness does not happen overnight. It is a process that begins with awareness, followed by tracking, adjusting and managing new habits. The Fitbit One, along with the Samsung Galaxy S4, which I demoed from Verizon Wireless, both provide a vehicle for managing Lifestyle Reinvention.

I found the Fitbit One to be accurate (and consistent) in calculating calories burned, a great tracker for food, activities and sleep, plus it offers a journal, which is instrumental in my program. As with any lifestyle-tracking device, it is only as accurate as the information it is provided. You must interact with your Fitbit One or it will be of no use to you. Take the challenge; learn the device and you will not be disappointed. Accountability is key, and Fitbit can be your knew accountability partner.

I would like to add that I used the Fitbit One with my new Samsung Galaxy S4. After years of being an iPhone user, I made the switch! The graphics are amazing, the apps are plentiful and the phone is just more progressive on the whole. I have never been one to run with the crowd, I like to live and play in the fringe, blazing my own trail. The Samsung Galaxy S4 makes me feel like a technology rebel… and I like that!

My technology rating:

Fitbit One

4 stars

Samsung Galaxy S4

5 stars

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