Valentine's Day Technology for your Special Someone


Valentine's Day is a holiday marked by shades of pink and red and the exchange of gifts. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2012 the average person spent $126.03 on a Valentine, up almost nine percent over the expected spending in 2011. With this push to buy, there can be a significant amount of pressure to purchase the perfect gift for your special someone this Thursday.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift this year, one way to score big with your recipient is to skip the sweets and go straight for tech-savvy smart accessories that match his or her interests. Be it a gadget to improve a golf swing or a wireless speaker for DJing on the go, these smart accessories will have that special someone "thinking of you" way past this week:

  • Zepp GolfSense is a lightweight sensor that attaches to your everyday golf glove. The device then captures data for every swing and sends it via Bluetooth® to the free app on your mobile device. The user can then see a 360-degree view of their swing, along with a thorough analysis of the critical swing elements and recommendations for improvement.
  • Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 is an aircraft controlled by your mobile device. While flying, it can capture HD video and images that you can then share on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more. You can also practice your piloting skills by performing acrobatic barrel rolls and competing in games through the free app.
  • The Jawbone® JAMBOX™ Bluetooth® Speaker is a wireless audio device that turns your mobile device into a portable Hi-Fi sound system. Whether it's used outdoors to entertain company or just to rock out to alone, this speaker's wireless capabilities make it the perfect gift for recipients who hate cords and love quality sound.
  • With the iCade: Arcade Cabinet for iPad, users can flash back to the glory days of gaming with this cabinet-styled gaming setup complete with joystick and buttons. iCade safely cradles your iPad during even the most intense gaming sessions. A free Atari Greatest Hits app is included, which includes one free game.

If you’re hoping to make this the best Valentine’s Day yet for your special someone, look no further than your Verizon store. The latest and greatest smart accessories will surely make the recipient swoon this February 14th.

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