05.11.2016Enterprise Tech

Verizon, Actifio launch new cloud backup service

By: Janet Brumfield

Verizon Enterprise Solutions and Actifio have joined forces to launch a new cloud backup service which will enable enterprise customers to embrace hybrid cloud, accelerate application development and improve business resiliency. The new Premise to Cloud Backup offering builds on Actifio’s growing relationship with Verizon, and is designed to support customers using virtualized infrastructures – including a combination of colocation, hosting, off-premises servers and other public clouds – to enable a unified hybrid cloud environment where data is easy to manage, access and protect.

“The complexity of legacy infrastructure limits the ability of many enterprises to innovate around their data,” said Dan Jablonski, director of cloud and IT solutions, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “We chose Actifio’s class-leading copy data virtualization technology to power this new offering because it means we can now offer customers a simple, single solution to protect, move and store data in our cloud. Together with Actifio, we’re helping clients to be more agile so they can deliver better experiences to their own customers.”

The service brings the full suite of Actifio’s best-in-class capabilities to Verizon’s global customer base, giving them more control to:

  • Manage: Makes it easy to move data back and forth between the customer premise and Verizon’s cloud-based infrastructure, meaning application workloads can be allocated wherever it makes the most sense.
  • Access: Allows for self-serve instant access to data while enhancing data control, adding business value by allowing higher quality applications to be developed faster.
  • Protect: Improves resiliency and availability by protecting data across the full range of conventional protection use cases, allowing customers to improve internal service level agreements while reducing cost, risk and complexity.

“Data is the lifeblood of business, and it’s essential to have access to the data and applications you need when and where you need them,” said Ash Ashutosh, founder and CEO of Actifio. “This next step in our relationship with Verizon will enable us to provide exactly that to more customers around the world, more easily and efficiently than ever before. We are thrilled to take this step forward with what is becoming one of our most important and valued cloud service provider partnerships.”

Verizon Premise to Cloud Backup service will be available in June of 2016 in North America with availability in Europe and Asia-Pacific by the fall.

For more information, visit http://www.verizonenterprise.com/products/cloud/index.xml.