Verizon Gizmo line-up proves better matters when it comes to kid’s technology

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More and more kids are gravitating to new technology at a younger age as the barrier to entry continues to drop. While it’s easy for parents to hand an old tablet or smartphone to their kids to play with, what’s more meaningful is letting kids engage in a technology sandbox more suited for their age and learning level. That’s where Verizon’s Gizmo line of wearables and tablets comes in.

Starting with the GizmoPal and continuing with the GizmoGadget, GizmoPal2 and Verizon Kid’s Tablet, the Gizmo suite of products is the perfect technology playground for your kids. And you can rest assured that our kid-friendly tablets, accessories and apps will help educate, entertain and keep your kids safe. But don’t take our word for it. Check out some recent feature articles about the entire Gizmo family.

LG Gizmo Gadget for Verizon review

Is your son or daughter begging for a smartphone, but you’re not quite sure they’re ready for it yet? Would you like more peace of mind by being able to know where your child is at all times? LG and Verizon have teamed up to give you the perfect gadget in the Gizmo Gadget smartwatch. (ChipChick)

(VIDEO) Verizon Gizmo Gadget watch phone unboxing and review

My daughter is 10 years old. The watch has preset text messages set up bu the caregiver. Great for voice messaging and phone calls to predetermined contacts. (

Verizon Gizmo Gadget watch phone review unboxing My daughter is 10 years old. The watch has preset text messages set up by the caregiver. Great for voice messaging and phone calls to predetermined contacts. (

How the LG Gizmo watch can help you watch your kid

Strap a Gizmo watch around your son or daughter’s wrist, and you’ve got a direct link to your child, no matter how far apart the two of you may be. The line of Gizmo watches by LG are more than glorified walkie talkies — they straddle the line between children’s smartwatch and easy to use mobile phone. They’re sophisticated devices, but they’re so simple that your child will have no trouble using it properly. (Appcessories)

PCMag Editor’s Choice LG GizmoGadget (Verizon Wireless)

Kids today can have complicated lives. Between after school activities and various caregivers, they may need a way to stay connected with their families as they shuffle about. The LG GizmoGadget ($149.99 plus $5 per month), from Verizon, is an excellent tool for that. (PCMag)

First Look: Verizon GizmoPal 2 and GizmoPal Gadget

Just in time for the official launch of their new wearables geared to kids, Verizon offered us a first look at the GizmoPal 2 and GizmoPal Gadget. (Next Kid Thing)

Verizon wants your kids, launches two wearables and a tablet to entice them

Verizon wants your kids. Not in a scary, Freddy Krueger way, but in a happy, fun way. Of course, bringing them into the Verizon family early can’t hurt either. To do this, it has launched three new gadgets designed for little ones: the GizmoPal 2, the GizmoGadget, and the Ellipsis Kids Tablet. The first two are cute wearables that were rumored a short while before the announcement, and the other is a tough spin-off of Verizon’s existing 8-inch Ellipsis slate. (Digital Trends)

Verizon’s new Ellipsis tablet was made for kids

Verizon is revealing the Ellipsis Kids tablet. The name says it all, delivering an Android tablet that’s designed both inside and out for kids, with age-appropriate content, colorful rugged bumpers, and, of course, parental controls. (Slash Gear)

Utah boy uses Gizmo watch to call for help during kidnapping

A Utah boy’s quick-thinking helped him get to safety after running away from a kidnapper Tuesday. The boy told KSTU-TV that he was walking in a Saratoga Springs neighborhood to meet a friend nearby when he was snatched by a strange man in a tan Chevy Tahoe. The boy said he was able to escape and used his Gizmo Watch to call for help. (Fox News).


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