Verizon GoPro Captures Family Tradition at Pro Football Hall of Fame Parade

This is a guest post from Christine Kappesser, an assistant account executive at Wordsworth Communications. Christine works with Verizon Wireless Midwest Area on its PR efforts in Ohio and West Virginia. She shares how her annual family trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction weekend in Canton, OH was extra special this year thanks to a Verizon GoPro.

It’s an odd tradition, but a good one. Every year around the beginning of August, my family gathers in Canton, OH for the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction activities. There’s the Enshrinement Festival, a fashion show, the actual football game and – the one we take most seriously – the Grand Parade.

Ever since I can remember, my family and I wake up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, trek into downtown Canton and sit through a few hours of marching bands, Hall of Famers in nice cars, giant balloons and floats.

Over the years, my mom would bring her enormous video camera, a film camera and maybe even one or two disposable cameras (yeah – remember those?) But we have since advanced to digital cameras, smartphones, and, for our first time ever – a Verizon GoPro. The GoPro was incredibly easy to carry around and a conversation starter with those around us. While running down the street taking a video of my family, random strangers were getting into it too, smiling and waving at the camera. I easily captured footage from the parade and my family to make into a digital video we’ll have for years to come.

And, thanks to the power of Verizon’s network, my cousins and I were able to share photos and posts with our friends from back home on social media. With more than 200,000 people in attendance for this year’s parade, it was great to still be able to lean on our smartphones to capture our favorite moments and not worry about losing service.

Furthermore, Verizon amped up network coverage for the big football game in celebration of the festivities on Sunday night. Deploying a temporary Cell on Wheels (COW), Verizon was able to provide additional coverage for the game and the surrounding area to keep fans connected. My family and I can’t wait for what memories next year’s parade will bring, and we’re already counting down the days!