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Verizon Helps La Maestra Take Health on Wheels to Hispanic Community

Zara Marselian’s Drive Has Improved the Well Being of Low-Income, Underserved Hispanic Families.

Zara Marselian’s drive has changed many lives – 65,000 patients and counting.

The founder of La Maestra Community Health Centers, an organization that cares for the health of underserved and low-income families, Marselian is advancing our society through entrepreneurship and a compassion for community well-being.

La Maestra provides children and their families in San Diego County with medical and dental care in a state-of-the-art mobile clinic. With support from the Verizon Foundation, the clinic is equipped with the latest, most advanced telemedicine and X-ray systems technology -- delivering quality healthcare services to patients at school, housing developments, community events and shopping areas.

“Access to medical and dental care is always a challenge for our patient population, and La Maestra is dedicated to expanding opportunities for families in this area." - Zara Marselian, chief executive officer of La Maestra Community Health Centers.

Powerful Answers in Healthcare

Mobile health brings more than new technologies. It enables a new way of interacting with patients and providing healthcare to those who need it most. Most importantly, it gives underserved, ethnically diverse communities health services they didn’t have access to before.

La Maestra Foundation is an inspiring example of how an entrepreneurial vision, along with technology, can transform our community, make a difference and pave the way to creating a better future.


In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Verizon is honoring change-makers with CreaFuturo, a website that shares inspiring stories of those making a difference in the community and resources to help other achieve their own goals.