Verizon & Motorola Partner on Next-Gen FiOS TV Media Server

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Motorola and Verizon believe people should enjoy the content they want, anytime and anywhere. Many of us have multiple TV sets in our homes. We all have our favorite shows, but we lead busy lives. And that leads to limited time to watch live TV and the dreaded storage wars… as we fight for precious DVR space and for the living room remote when it’s time to catch up on the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory.

It’s time consumers got a smarter, more connected solution with better storage and the flexibility to watch FiOS TV from any room in the house, anytime.

That’s why at CES, we’re excited to introduce the Motorola Medios+ VMS1100 media server and Motorola Medios+ IPC1100 IP-based set-top.

The VMS1100 is the centerpiece of a new Motorola Medios+ VMS platform that supports up to five IPC1100 clients on separate TVs. The bottom line: everyone in the house can watch what they want, at the same time.

The VMS1100 has one terabyte of internal storage so you don’t have to compete for space — that’s 100 hours of HD content or weeks of SD programming. The IPC1100 taps into all that goodness via coax, from a sleek box the size of a paperback novel.

What we’re really excited about is how we’ve simplified the customer experience to help you live the borderless lifestyle. At CES 2013, we'll show you how our VMS platform also plays well with iPads, Xboxes, connected TVs, and more. Now that’s what we call Smart TV.

Now you can watch your favorite content on your favorite screen, anywhere in the house. We've even made it easy to navigate all that video on all those devices with Motorola's Medios+ DreamGallery. Think of it as a browsing engine for video: smart searches, personalized recommendations, customizable menus, favorites. Spend more time watching and less time searching.

Welcome to the Future of TV.

For a demonstration of the borderless lifestyle, check out Verizon at CES, Booth #31400 in South Hall, and for more visit borderlessconsumer.com. For more on Motorola Mobility’s activity at CES, please visit our virtual press center and our blog, MediaExperiences2Go, and follow us on Twitter @Motomedia2go and #2013CES.

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