VIDEO: After Sandy, Our Lower Manhattan Customers are Open for Business

Life after Hurricane Sandy was difficult for many, including our small business customers in Lower Manhattan. While we worked around the clock to ensure services would be “powered up” when the lights turned back on – and to provide interim solutions while we worked to restore services – many of our commercial customers were simply unable to conduct business as usual. Today, however, many are back and open for business, and Lower Manhattan is slowly returning back to normal. Through all the ups and downs of the past few months, we realize that any number of our impacted customers could have left us, but some didn’t. For that, we’d like to thank them.

Over the next few weeks, Verizon will be rolling out a handful of videos as a “thank you” to some of our small business customers in Lower Manhattan who stuck with us through the uncertainty following Hurricane Sandy. Simply keep an eye on @Verizon on Twitter and #OpenForBiz for the latest videos. We’d like to encourage everyone to stop by and enjoy what these establishments have to offer or give them a call. We believe their resilience is a testament to the customer-first approach that’s in Verizon’s DNA. We’re proud to have them as our Small Business customers.

Are you a Verizon Small Business in Lower Manhattan that was affected by Hurricane Sandy? Tweet us @Verizon and let us say “thank you” for sticking with us. For more on Verizon’s solutions for small businesses, click here.