VIDEO: It Takes More Than the Best FiOS Technology to Serve You

Consumers in Verizon’s Florida FiOS market will be seeing local employees in a TV commercial shot in and around the Tampa Bay community, using their own words to describe what it means to provide great service to our customers, why they do it and how they feel about working at Verizon.

In Florida, when you choose FiOS as your home entertainment platform you are getting the strength of a diverse employee team dedicated not only to serving you in the best manner possible, but also in serving the community. That’s part of the value of a homegrown company that has served this region for nearly a century. And the value proposition doesn’t stop there. In 2011, Netflix recognized that FiOS broadband provided the best connection and therefore the best viewing experience for its service, and lots of PC Magazine readers honored us in 2012 as being the fastest Internet service provider in the US. 

This was strengthened last June by the introduction of market-leading FiOS Quantum speeds and we continued to improve our value proposition – at no additional cost to the customer - throughout 2012. We launched 28 new channels and added over 17,000 VOD titles in 2012. We also updated our iPad app to enable FiOS TV customers to watch 75 popular TV channels on their iPads from anywhere in their home while also expanding in-home streaming on LG and Samsung Internet-enabled TVs and devices, and on our Xbox offering. Finally, we bolstered our FiOS TV Online offering, accessible on select devices anywhere you roam, by adding 12 brands representing over 50 channels, including Showtime, Fox, VH1, NFL Network and NFL Red Zone.

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we demonstrated that we continue to advance the borderless lifestyle through FiOS services as we introduced the Verizon Media Server, due in our markets soon. 

Even though we know our customers enjoy the anytime, anywhere advantage of FiOS, it’s good to know that here within our borders, thousands of Verizon Florida employees are poised to provide you with the best service possible every day -- because really, they are your neighbors and will treat you that way.