Why Speed Really Matters!

With new digital products and services being introduced on almost a daily basis, it’s sometimes hard to recognize a real breakthrough when it happens. Last week’s announcement of a new speed tier for FiOS Quantum of 500/100 Mbps was one of those breakthrough moments – a commercial-style broadband service now available for the home.

Like most good things in life, I only miss my normally fast and reliable FiOS Internet service when it’s not there, e.g. when I travel and have to rely on hotspots or painfully slow hotel Wi-Fi. Most of the time, it purrs happily away in the background, delivering news, information and other data whenever and wherever I need it.

But like Bob Dylan said, the times they are a-changing. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates that by 2022 the average household with two teenage children will own approximately 50 Internet-connected devices. These will include everything from household appliances to home security monitors to an ever-widening array of personal health and fitness devices.

As it is, many households are already feeling the additional burden of smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and other connected devices. Our desire for instant information and entertainment continues to increase, and our patience for delays and interruptions continues to wear thin.

Just how fast is the new FiOS Quantum tier? At 500 Mbps you can download a 90-minute HD movie in just 1.3 minutes, a 700 MB PowerPoint presentation in just 19 seconds, and a 15 song album in just 1.2 seconds. And 500 download/100 upload speeds mean lag-free video gaming no matter how many World of Warcraft players are sitting on the couch!

The future of the Internet is not about more social networks or more complex Web pages; it’s about reliability and speed. As more of our personal information resides in the Cloud and we spend more of our time online, fast on-demand access is becoming essential. FiOS Quantum gets you ahead of the curve and keeps you there!