You Can Do it: Use Free Small-Biz Resources

Many People Want to Give You Free Help, Why Not Take Them Up on Their Offer?

So many free resources are available to help any small business owner or someone looking to start a business. That's great news. However, the not so great news is: Are these [overwhelming amount of] information being consumed?

Probably by some small business owners, but not by all. My parents used to own a small business and I know they never had time as they were crazy busy running their restaurant that was open seven days a week. In hindsight, and in my opinion, it was a mistake. 

Sure, how they operated their business worked, but there is always room for improvement; room to increase margins and revenue; and room to work smarter such as adding some new technology to track sales, inventory and more.  But they didn’t make the time and they weren’t informed…bottom-line, there could have automated some tasks which could have given some time back in their very long day to spend with my brothers and me.

Of course, back then there weren't as many resources as those that are readily available today. I urge all small business owners to make the time, even if it's just 15 minutes a day to read an article or watch a webinar – focus on a topic that can help you grow your business. Also, consider using new tools which can potentially help you save money and free up some of your precious time.

Many people want to give you free help, why not take them up on their offer and use the information to your advantage?

For a shortlist of free resources in no particular order, some are from Verizon, click here to be redirected to the Verizon Small Biz Blog (www.verizon.com/smallbusinessblog).