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‘You Don’t Know Me’: Verizon presents moving short film at conference to support minority males

By: Kendall Swenson
Verizon Innovative Learning sends a powerful message in a new short film and asks viewers to reconsider stereotypes about young men of color

The video, which challenges viewers to see the potential of young men of color, highlights Verizon Innovative Learning’s initiative to introduce boys to technology and STEM education. “You Don’t Know Me” will be shown on July 27 during a three-day summit that’s bringing 100 minority middle-school boys to San Francisco, the world’s hub for tech careers. The goal is to provide a memorable experience for the boys, many of whom haven’t traveled beyond their hometowns before, and expose them to STEM careers.

In addition to a program packed with hands-on exploration, the boys will get a chance to see – and try out -- some of the world’s coolest technology in action, and meet people who build and use technology in interesting ways in fields like entertainment and sports. Also, they’ll network with influencers in the tech industry and people who inspire them. They’ll hear from Barrington Irving, the youngest person and first African American to pilot a plane around the world solo, and explore the best that Silicon Valley tech has to offer: a behind-the-scenes look at Lucas Films and the Levi’s Stadium Gridiron Engineering & Design Lab.

This event is being hosted by Verizon Innovative Learning, which brings technology and hands-on learning opportunities to kids in underserved schools and communities, inspiring tomorrow’s creators to use technology to build brighter futures for themselves, their families and the world. Through a number of initiatives, Verizon Innovative Learning teaches technology and entrepreneurship skills to middle and high school students. It not only funds the programs, but also creates and administers them in partnership with leading nonprofits. Verizon Innovative Learning diligently measures the impact and refines its programs to ensure they are making a difference. Verizon Innovative Learning has reached more than 100,000 students so far – and it’s just getting started.

To learn more about Verizon Innovative Learning, please visit www.verizon.com/inspires.

This film was developed by the Verizon Foundation Marketing team, in partnership with Gyrate Media and directed by Michael Marantz and his team, Already Alive.