Is Your TV Connected? If Not, It Will Be

All due respect to Mick Jagger and the boys, but sometimes you do get what you want.

And consumers have made it clear that they want video on their TVs first and foremost. Sure, tablets, computers and mobile phones have earned the coveted title of “second screen,” but  80% of consumers prefer to watch video on TV, according to our FiOS Innovation Index. A walk through the show floor at this year's Consumer Electronics Show makes it easy to see why -- consumers have a spectacular array of choices, and the images are becoming clearer and crisper.

Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sharp -- all the big names you would consider when buying a TV -- were showing off 4K technology, also referred to as Ultra HD TVs. During a visit to the Samsung booth at CES, I was happy to see their Connected TV featuring the FiOS TV app, which now offers 75 live streaming channels. The FiOS TV App available on Samsung as well as LG connected TVs and Blu-ray players allow customers to watch live programming right from the TV -- no set-top box required. That’s the beauty of Connected TVs, which can also be called Smart TV and get their name because they’re connected to the Internet and often have app stores like smartphones do.

So how popular are Smart TVs? Some reports show that more than a quarter of all TVs shipped are Smart TVs. Forbes’s Eric Savitz has a nice blog about the latest in these sleek TVs

There's some discussion about how ready for primetime Ultra HD technology or consumers may or may not be, but I’ll say this: Standing in front of these impressive flatscreens makes it easy to become a believer.