5G is unlocking the future of immersive experiences

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Verizon continues to push the limits of 5G and to develop new use cases that put the user in the middle of it all.
For the first time, Verizon will stream a live stereoscopic virtual reality experience by transmitting multiple 4K and HD video streams over 5G. 5G’s super high speeds, enormous bandwidth, and single-digit latency will deliver a truly interactive, immersive experience and take VR as we know it to a whole new level.
But this is about more than VR or gaming. Advancing immersive experience technology via 5G opens the door for the development of future use cases including self-driving cars, remote medicine, manufacturing, education, and yes, unique live sports experiences.
Think you know what VR is today? Wait until you see what we’re building for tomorrow.
Verizon is changing the game with 5G technology.

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