Adam Koeppe’s remarks at CBRS OnGo press conference

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On September 18th, FCC Commissioner Michael O’Reilly and the CBRS Alliance hosted a press conference in Washington, DC to celebrate the start of Initial Commercial Deployment of OnGo™ service in the CBRS 3.5 GHz band and recognize the wide collaboration required to make the CBRS band available for public use.  Verizon, a pioneer in driving the CBRS ecosystem, appeared and discussed their vision for CBRS and the use-cases that will emerge on this spectrum.   Remarks from Adam Koeppe, Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy, Architecture and Planning are below.

“Thank you all for joining us here this morning to recognize and celebrate the initial commercial launch of OnGo™ wireless communications in the CBRS 3.5GHz spectrum band.  On behalf of Verizon and our customers, I’d like to deliver a sincere thank you to the FCC, the CBRS Alliance and the many technology partners whose tireless work has resulted in this great service for our customers.  I’d also like to specifically thank our incredible engineering team at Verizon for their commitment to technical innovation for our customers – your dedication and ingenuity made this possible.

When we first started talking about multiple network operators and solutions running in the CBRS spectrum band, we knew there would be many technical challenges to overcome.  It’s been a long road getting here, but we are very pleased to have been a part of developing a mature roadmap for use of this spectrum and the strong ecosystem that has come together to make OnGo™ available to our customers.

Mobile and fixed users in the enterprise and consumer segments are driving demand for data to unprecedented levels.  We have devices in the market today that can do significantly more than at any time in our history.  Smart phones, tablets, and connected devices for the Internet of Things are all driving data usage.  Mobile video consumption is at historically high levels.  We forecast these trends in data growth will continue exponentially as the market creates new and exciting ways to connect people and things.

OnGo™ will be a fantastic solution to increase 4G LTE capacity, improve the customer experience, and provide robust enterprise solutions.  There is an infrastructure portfolio available today and supported devices are already in market, with plenty more to come.  We are ready to use this new resource to bolster our award-winning network by deploying new capacity solutions to high-traffic areas, enterprise locations, stadiums, venues, and airports.  Additionally, we look forward to continued innovation in this band as 5G NR technical assessments move forward.

OnGo™ is an historic collaborative effort in the industry that sets a precedent for similar initiatives that could happen in the future.  Together, we have created a great framework for how other bands of spectrum that have low utilization around the country could be put to greater use.  We applaud the FCC, the Department of Defense, the NTIA, and the members of the CBRS Alliance for leading innovative efforts to put 3.5GHz spectrum into the hands of network operators to help meet the growing data needs in our communities.  Thank you.”

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