Behind the scenes look at Verizon’s Extreme Network

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Extreme Network Video Series Part 2: In a Cave?

When we say we're right here with you and we've got your back, we mean it! Day after day, and especially in times of crisis, we keep you connected with your loved ones and emergency service providers. Verizon network engineers have designed, built and operate a network that stands up to the most extreme circumstances – think of it as your Extreme Network, the most reliable wireless network in the nation. 

Where does the Extreme Network come into play for you? When and where it matters most – in times of emergency.

Our next video also features a network facility in a secret, undisclosed location: this one, in a “Cave.” The Cave is 65 feet below ground, deep in the heart of Kansas City, covering over 20,000 square feet. It can withstand severe weather, including tornadoes, and can quickly deploy a fleet of wireless equipment in an emergency. For more, watch this short video by Travel Vlogger and influencer Hobo Ahle for this behind-the-scenes tour.

Extreme Network Video Series Part 1: Tampa Hurricane Superswitch

Switch locations are the brains of our technology, and are critical to the network's operation. We build those switches with redundant systems, so we’re ready for you when you need us most. And when your community has an emergency, we can bring in extra portable equipment to boost capacity for voice calls and data sessions. For Verizon users, that’s table stakes for the most reliable wireless network in the nation. Where does the Extreme Network come into play for you? When and where it matters most.

Our first video details Extreme Network preparations we take to ensure our network is ready in a severe weather emergency. Ahead of hurricane season, Travel Vlogger Alex Chacon took his 120,000 YouTube and 26,000 Instagram followers on a behind-the-scenes tour of one of our super switches. This switch is in a secret, undisclosed location in Florida that can withstand category 5 hurricane winds.

Up next: our third Extreme Network tour, showcasing our earthquake-resistant (undisclosed) location in California.