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Quick action on C-band critical to 5G race with China

By: Craig Silliman

The United States has gotten off to a fast start in the race to 5G. But for the US to continue to lead this race, it is critical that the FCC move quickly to make C-Band spectrum available for 5G. The process of identifying spectrum and putting it into service for customers takes time. Any auction should include appropriate incentives and protections to ensure it could be put to use in short order. China and other countries have already provided huge blocks of mid-band spectrum to carriers for 5G, and there is a risk that those countries will become the hub of 5G innovation and investment if the US fails to act promptly to do the same. We strongly encourage the FCC to move with urgency so that our nation does not fall behind.

About the author(s): 

Craig Silliman is Verizon’s general counsel and executive vice president for public policy. He leads Verizon’s legal, regulatory, public policy, government affairs and security groups.