Verizon’s 5G network – doing our part for a sustainable future

By Jim Gowen - Verizon, VP and Chief Sustainability Officer

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There was a lot of excitement at Mobile World Congress LA (MWC-LA) this week about 5G and all it will offer consumers, businesses and society. #5GBuiltRight is not only about delivering cutting-edge next generation connectivity, it is also an opportunity to build a better, more responsible future. At MWC-LA, FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks broke the news that our company is working to achieve carbon neutrality for our 5G network and supply chain by 2025. That’s a big goal, and one that I take pride in.

Partnering with private firms, we will determine the emissions associated with our 5G network, and over the next six years, we will challenge our employees, our 5G equipment suppliers, and our contractors to cut or eliminate emissions wherever possible, with the intention of reducing our 5G carbon footprint to net zero by 2025.

5G is the future of the way we communicate, are informed and entertained, and do business at home and around the globe. 5G is also an unparalleled opportunity to meaningfully tackle the pressing environmental challenges we face today. And here at Verizon, we are doing our part to usher in a more climate-conscious, energy-efficient future.

Media Contact:  Rich Young

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