Calming the Family Feud: The End of the DVR Wars

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My name is Bill, and I’m a “tuner hog.” In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m outing my family, too, who are “DVR hoarders.”  We’re not ashamed to admit it because we love TV.

Step into our home, and you see a mirror image of what’s taking place in society as more people embrace what’s on TV and want more from their TV and DVR experience.

In our home, my love of sports and news competes with the desires of my drama series loving wife and reality TV show watching daughters. Take cover. It could get ugly. For me and for FiOS TV customers -- help is on the way.

Never Compromise: Record 6 to 12 Shows at Once

The NFL, Game of Thrones, the dignified voices from Downton Abbey, those mad men at Sterling Cooper & Partners, dancing divas, 24-hour news networks, Major League Baseball, and the NBA…

Honestly, what’s a family to do when there are so many things you want to watch and record – allat the same time, but you can’t? Well, you can now.

Verizon has started to roll out FiOS Quantum TV that gives you more choices and control, including the ability to record from 6 to 12 shows at once, depending on whether you sign up for the Premium or Enhanced Service.

Showing some love to the markets where we’ve trialed the service over the last few months, we have started to offer the service in Dallas/Fort Worth in North Texas, and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  We’ll be expanding to other FiOS TV markets in the coming weeks. So if you don’t live in one of these metro areas, don’t worry because more choice, control and storage are headed your way soon enough.

Embrace Your Inner DVR Hoarder

Likewise, what’s a person to do when so much content has been stuffed into their multi-room DVR that they find themself frequently dumping shows? Mind you, they are doing this while trying not to unnerve family members who want to watch something that they are considering deleting just to make room for other content.

We recently surveyed 1,000 Americans who told us they want more features, functions and choice with their TV viewing experience. Simply put, they want it all. And now, they can have it.

FiOS Quantum TV allows you to store from 100 to 200 hours of HD programming. That’s equivalent to five or 10 entire seasons of your favorite shows and 50 to 100 movies depending on which tier of service you choose.

Pause and Rewind From Any TV

In addition, FiOS Quantum TV will be like having a fully-Livingroom Server 0126 Fnl Lay Rgbfunctioning DVR on every connected TV in your home, even the ones without a DVR. You’ll be able to pause, play and rewind whatever you’re watching, helping you to literally never miss a second of what you’re watching as you pick up exactly where you left off the show on another TV in another room.

By listening to our customers, we’re doing for TV what we did for the Internet when we started offering Fios Internet service with amazingly fast and reliable speed. With our new TV service, we’re delivering the best, most satisfying TV experience with features and functionality customers most want.

To learn more about FiOS Quantum TV, visit www.verizon.com/home/fiosquantumtv. If you’re on Twitter, share the good news and use the hashtag #FiOSQuantumTV. We’d love to hear about how you watch TV.

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If survey data is what you’re looking for, visit our SlideShare page, where you’ll find Verizon FiOS Innovation Index surveys (including the DVR Wars Edition), visit http://vz.to/1flRCDu