Catalina connects with Verizon Media to advance measurement in a cookieless world

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Catalina’s vast CPG shopper intelligence now interoperable with Verizon Media ConnectID

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NEW YORK - June 29, 2021 -- Catalina, a leader in shopper intelligence and omni-channel media solutions, today announced its interoperability with Verizon Media ConnectID to enable robust measurement capabilities for CPG advertisers in a cookieless world.

“Following a disruptive year for CPGs, advertisers are now faced with impending cookie deprecation and further challenges to measurement and campaign performance,” said Brian Dunphy, SVP of Channel Sales & Strategic Partnerships for Catalina. “To help them, we’ve expanded our relationship with Verizon Media to become interoperable with Verizon Media ConnectID. The relationship pairs two leading companies uniquely positioned to drive performance and measurement in a consumer and privacy-centric way. As the industry continues to shift, we’ll see those that have scale and ethically sourced data rise to the top.”

Verizon Media ConnectID enables advertisers to reach their audiences and provide people with relevant and useful connections with brands without the need for cookies. Based on differentiated and diverse data at scale, with 200 billion data signals daily, Verizon Media’s Identity Graph is built on opt-in, deterministic data from direct consumer relationships across a range of omnichannel, cross-screen touchpoints, like mobile app, search, owned and operated sites and apps, email and more. Verizon Media today reaches 148 million1 deterministic logged in users across over 240 million unique profiles and 400 million unique devices, fueled by both direct consumer relationships and partnerships.

The interoperability enables advertisers to utilize the connected ecosystem of Verizon Media ConnectID and Catalina CPG shopper intelligence for seamless people-based marketing and measurement. Through this, advertisers are able to achieve omnichannel audience activation within Verizon Media DSP, including user-level reach and frequency, as well as a single, user-level view of campaign performance, conversions and audience insights.

“The industry needs people-first solutions to continue to thrive and grow in the cookieless world,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer at Verizon Media. “Partnering with Catalina on identity furthers advertiser and publisher resources amidst industry change, delivering powerful measurement and audience insights for growth.”

Catalina has access to 236 million digitally enabled unique shopper cards spanning 103 million U.S. households, along with strong retailer relationships with thousands of grocery stores, as well as drug stores, mass general, and convenience. Verizon Media ConnectID, which relies on Verizon Media’s own Identity Graph, and allows for activation across Verizon Media’s full-stack ad platform, increases reach and performance, and elevates consumer experiences on all channels.

1 U.S.

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