Catching up with Scott Pianowski of Yahoo Fantasy Baseball.

By: Chris Serico

A conversation about fantasy strategies, pandemic realities and enduring hope.

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Coronavirus has had an unprecedented impact on the world, and sports have been no exception.

Just ask Scott Pianowski, lead fantasy writer for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, the official Fantasy Commissioner Game of The award-winning writer and podcaster has been with Yahoo Sports since 2008.

Scott offers advice for fantasy-draft participants during this unusual season. The conversation also explores how COVID-19 has changed the way we view sports — and how baseball, specifically, continues to be a beacon for optimism.

“Baseball is hope,” Scott said. “Baseball is family lineage; it’s fathers playing catches with sons and daughters. There’s so much good about the game. I feel like there's a way we share baseball in our families and with our friends that maybe doesn't completely translate to other sports. And it hurts to not have that, because it’s part of the new renewal of spring, the hope of spring — the idea that something good can happen.”

About the author(s):

Chris is a member of the Verizon Public Relations team and a contributor to Up To Speed. When he's not singing a cappella or quoting vintage episodes of "The Simpsons," please give him all your burgers.

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