Coming Home to FiOS

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Mexico with my extended family. It was a time to unwind, enjoy the beautiful weather, catch up on the latest family gossip, and savor the wonderful taste of homemade Mexican cuisine.

However, these days it’s almost impossible to completely forget about work while you’re away. Whether you have your own business or you just need to stay on top of the daily string of e-mails, making sure that everything is running smoothly back home has become an essential part of being able to relax & enjoy your time off.

But that’s easier said than done. They say you only miss a good thing when it’s gone, and nothing is more true having agood Internet connection! When I’m home, I can enjoy the speed and reliability of Verizon FiOS, but when I travel I often have to make do with intermittent connections, variable speeds, and data limits that seriously restrict effective communication.

And it’s not just me who misses the speed and convenience of FiOS. When you have teenage kids that are used to streaming movies and effortlessly sharing photos with Facebook friends, you are going to hear about it when those digital-age amenities are suddenly unavailable! Luckily, bright blue skies and a beautiful pool are great distractions, and it doesn’t take much more to persuade everyone to put down their smartphones and tablets for a few hours and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.

Back home, Verizon has been busy introducing even faster speeds for FiOS Quantum, giving everyone from the casual web surfer to the small business owner the power to download and upload whatever they may need or want!  With multiple connected devices for e-mailing, web browsing, movie-watching, photo-sharing, video gaming and more, we put our FiOS connection to the test every day and we’re never disappointed.

While we enjoy traveling to see friends and family, and love the sights and sounds of far-away places, there’s nothing like coming back to the comforts of home, and our FiOS Quantum Internet connection is becoming a big reason why!