A Culture Excited by Ideas

If You’re Looking for a Career at a Company Where Everyone has a Voice, Verizon is the Place.

If you want a seat at the table—to work at a company where your voice is heard—then pull up a chair. We foster a culture that encourages employees to think big. To create best-in-class products and services that empower customers, we need fresh ideas. To anticipate the demands of an ever-changing world, we welcome varying perspectives. Every day brings new challenges that require positive, creative minds.

According to Jenny Chu, District Manager–Retail Sales, each day is a chance to “discover new ways to bring solutions to life through unique and impactful experiences in store. Through this, customers can see for themselves how all our Verizon solutions can improve their lives.”


“When faced with challenges, the Credo is my roadmap to help guide my decision[s].”

—Jenny Chu, District Manager–Retail Sales


Our Vision and Values Drive Our Culture

The Verizon Credo—the words we live by—forms the foundation of our culture. It guides us as a company and defines how we work. Senior Product Manager Kalyan Pamarthy says the Verizon Credo shapes his interactions with teammates, partners and customers: “We focus on quality and customer satisfaction, a collaborative work environment that translates to providing exceptional value to the customers, and [an emphasis on] trust and integrity for achieving success. Our Credo provides the platform for delivering [our] best.”  

Jenny describes the Verizon Credo as her compass: “When faced with challenges, the Credo is my roadmap to help guide my decision[s].”  

Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

Innovation and collaboration drive our culture. Our technology platforms inspire transformation among a broad group of businesses—from startups to established global players. Senior Product Manager Laura Diaz Swallow is part of the team that brings those game-changing products and services to customers. “We’re encouraged to look at problems from many angles,” says Laura. “It’s a fast-paced environment, and Verizon openly encourages employees to seek out new challenges and use their talents in roles that excite them.”

Creativity thrives in diversity, so we don’t just tolerate different viewpoints—we demand them. This expectation is the foundation of Verizon’s Powerful Answers forum, which encourages employees to submit and collaborate on ideas that drive our business. We empower employees to share their thoughts and solutions for the challenges we face as a company

“We’re encouraged to look at problems from many angles.” —Laura Diaz Swallow, Senior Product Manager

Be a Part of a Team

We welcome independent thinkers from diverse backgrounds. We encourage dialogue that respectfully challenges other opinions—all with the goal of producing efficient, effective solutions for our customers and our business.

Every Verizon employee has the opportunity—the responsibility—to make a real difference in the lives of our customers, through technology solutions, and in the lives of teammates by working collaboratively with integrity. For Kalyan, Verizon provides the opportunity to be part of an open exchange of ideas in constant, tireless pursuit of innovative technical and business solutions.