Librestream Onsight, Verizon 4G LTE help Diebold improve fix rates, accelerate training and reduce costs

Verizon Enterprise Solutions and Librestream Technologies said today that Diebold, Incorporated, a leading global provider of self-service technology, software and services to financial, commercial, retail and other markets, is using the Librestream Onsight video collaboration platform over Verizon’s leading 4G LTE wireless network to equip field service teams with video-enabled tools that help serve customers more efficiently and effectively. With its commitment to live video collaboration, Diebold field service personnel can now work more effectively with the company’s remote technicians – whether in the next town or across the country - to perform equipment maintenance and conduct safety audits while at customer sites.

Armed with the Librestream Onsight collaboration application on their smartphones or tablets, field service technicians share live video, images, onscreen drawings and audio with remote teams over the Verizon 4G LTE network. The remote experts can control the technician’s camera to ensure optimal visuals and capture content. Using live video feeds, teams can resolve maintenance issues or complete safety inspections quickly to enhance productivity, facilitate training and mentorship and improve the overall customer experience. “We’ve proven that connecting teams with specialized knowledge through video collaboration can improve first-time-fix rates, increase service resolution times and reduce overall costs,” said Sunil Kumar, vice president, North America services, Diebold. “For field service technicians, collaborating via video requires a specialized platform and a fast, secure and reliable wireless network as environments vary across customer locations. For Diebold, the solution to these challenges has proven to be our engagement with Librestream and Verizon.” The initial video collaboration roll-out involves approximately 400 Diebold field technicians and is expected to expand to include the entire field service team in the future. For Diebold, enabling field service technicians to bring specialists onsite with them is a now simply a call away.

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