Do you live a Borderless Life? Introducing the Verizon FiOS Innovation Index

(Ed.'s note: Check back often for additional results from the Verizon FiOS Innovation Index, such as our most recent survey on how consumers shop online from home.)

As many Verizon at Home readers know, Verizon is a big believer in the consumer-empowering impact of the Borderless Lifestyle -- a life without the age-old barriers of time, location and distance that used to deny us the freedom of going online whenever we wanted. Today, with the anytime/anywhere connections available through our wired home -- broadband, in-home Wi-Fi, hotspots and 4G LTE wireless Internet services -- those days are history. 

Borderless consumers are leveraging the power of our converged networks to erase those old technology boundaries to connect whenever they want and do whatever they wish, wherever they are, using the devices they prefer -- laptops, desktops, netbooks, smartphones and tablets.

Today, we’re announcing a sampling of results from the Verizon FiOS Innovation Index: Borderless Lifestyle Survey, the first in a series of tech consumer surveys that will periodically examine trends in connectivity, device adoption and user experiences that are shaping consumers’ lives and driving innovation in the connected media and services industries. The Index will provide insights and explore how we are using advances in technology to live a more connected, borderless lifestyle.

The below infographic shows some of the attributes and preferences of borderless consumers, a growing segment that comprises 39 percent of Americans of all ages and ethnic groups. You’ll see that there are more female (53%) than male (47%) borderless consumers. And while their presence is greatest among Millennial and Gen X consumers, 40 percent of Boomers and more than 25 percent of Mature Adults are now living the borderless life. Our guess is that you are, too. 

We also found that more than half of all the consumers we surveyed  -- borderless and non-borderless consumers -- considered their home Internet service to be the most important utility in their house.

We’ll be releasing more eye-opening details from the Verizon FiOS Innovation Index: Borderless Lifestyle Survey in the near future, and you’ll be among the first to see it all here at Verizon at Home.

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