Get early access to +play beta exclusively from Verizon, with Netflix Premium on us for one year

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Introducing +play, the content hub to discover, manage and save on your favorite content subscriptions, with one year of Netflix’s Premium plan on us

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Here’s the news: Verizon customers can get a Netflix Premium plan on us with the purchase of select subscription services through +play beta, the industry-leading content hub Verizon is building.

Why it’s important: With +play beta, customers can discover a world of savings and exclusive offers – like the launch offer with Netflix ($240 in annual savings!) – and manage their favorite subscriptions across entertainment, news, lifestyle, gaming and more, all in one place and only on Verizon.

Who it’s for: Verizon mobile, 5G Home and LTE Home Internet customers.

NEW YORK - Verizon today announced early access to the +play beta, with one year of Netflix’s Premium plan on us when paired with the purchase of select subscription services through +play. +play is a first-of-its-kind content hub exclusive to Verizon mobile and 5G Home and LTE Home customers, designed to help them discover a world of savings and manage their favorite subscriptions from entertainment, news, lifestyle, gaming and more – all in one place, and only on Verizon.

With early access to the +play beta, customers can get 12 months of Netflix’s Premium plan on us with the purchase of a 12-month or seasonal subscription from a selection of +play partners, including NFL+, NBA League Pass, AMC+, the Peloton App and more. The exclusive Netflix offer – which amounts to $240 in annual savings – is available for a limited time during early access, so get in fast to take advantage.

The platform reflects Verizon’s core commitment to serve the changing needs of consumers, who are empowered – more than ever – to choose the kinds of content and experiences they want, and the platform is a marketplace for content partners to leverage even broader direct-to-consumer reach and engagement. +play advances Verizon’s strategy of innovating and building new business models on its award-winning Network.

“We’re thrilled to officially launch +play in an open beta, offering our customers exclusive access to offers and the tools to manage their growing number of subscription services,” said Erin McPherson, Chief Content Officer for Verizon. As the network America relies on and one of the largest direct to consumer distributors in the U.S., Verizon is the partner of choice for content and subscriptions services, and we’re positioned to move the industry forward by offering customers more choice, and enabling a seamless billing and management experience. We’re partnering with Netflix to offer customers all of their favorite content and a special offer only available in +play. This is a huge milestone for Verizon and the industry as a whole, and we’re incredibly proud to continue to be trailblazers in the new era of content and subscription services.”

What is +play?

+play is a web-based platform where Verizon post-paid mobile, 5G Home and LTE Home customers can discover and access exclusive savings, discover new content and entertainment. +play will help customers keep track of their subscriptions, view what they already have purchased through Verizon, and monitor how much those subscriptions cost each month. It’s the first platform of its kind and puts customers in control.

With hundreds of content and subscription services available in the marketplace, customers find themselves challenged to keep up with new services, get attractive promotions, and manage and track what they’re already signed up for. +play is the solution to these pain points. In fact, +play will send notifications to customers to alert them of free trial periods ending and if there are price changes. +play access is included at no additional cost for Verizon customers.

+play is changing the subscription game

It seamlessly integrates a breadth of content services – spanning from entertainment to education, lifestyle to fitness – in a single place so customers can easily search, subscribe, save money and pay for their subscription services.

+play builds on the content Verizon already offers through leading content providers including Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, discovery+ and AMC+, all of which are featured in the new service, and introduces new subscription service partners, like NFL+, NBA League Pass, HBO Max, Netflix, Peloton, A+E Networks (Lifetime Movie Club, HISTORY Vault, and A&E Crime Central), The Athletic, Calm and Duolingo, among many others – with more to come in 2023.

“The exclusive relationships Verizon has with the top subscription services and content providers, coupled with our distribution scale and customer retention, differentiates us and makes us the partner of choice for providers and customers alike,” McPherson said. “On +play, customers can get savings and value they can’t access anywhere else and our content providers get vast distribution and stickiness that’s beyond reproach.”

How it works

Early access to the +play beta is available to all Verizon wireless, 5G Home and LTE Home customers and accessible by visiting from a desktop or mobile device.

There, customers log into the platform using their existing Verizon credentials and can toggle between the Discover tab to explore content available through +play, the Shop tab to take advantage of the exclusive offers and savings and the Manage tab to centralize account payments in one place.

Once subscribed to a service through +play, access and use the service directly through the providers’ app or online portal and come back to +play to manage subscriptions at any time.

Coming soon to +play

Following the initial beta launch, the platform will continue to evolve with enhanced functionality, new services across entertainment, gaming and lifestyle, and even more exclusive offers on select services for a wider Verizon customer base.

Check it out today and get in early to take advantage of our exclusive Netflix offer:

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