11.13.2015Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Spotlight: PHI Data Breach report preview, public sector healthcare, IoT

By: Grainne Colgan

90 percent of industries have experienced a personal health information (PHI) breach. It’s clear protecting personal health information is an issue for all companies – not just healthcare organizations. And changes in the healthcare industry mirror those occurring within public sector organization, with three rising trends – additional consumer engagement, mobility and increasing digital offers. Both industries will turn to technology to help adapt to these shifting needs. Lastly, as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand around the world, counties and industries debate issues around privacy and security – specifically in Asia. Read more about these topics below:

90% of industries have had PHI data breach: Verizon

A roundup of the discussions that took place at HIMSS Connected Health conference this week, including a sneak peek into Verizon’s first Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) data breach report. The new report reveals that 90% of industries have had PHI data breach. Suzanne Widup, senior analyst with Verizon also discusses the growing concerns around the security of medical devices and IoT. (Telecare Aware)

Current and future trends in the healthcare and public sector space

In this radio interview, Verizon’s Peter Pin, Vice President-Civilian, Public Sector Markets and Nancy Green, Global Healthcare Practice lead a deep dive into the three key drivers in healthcare today; consumer engagement, mobility and the shift towards digital offerings. These drivers are transforming healthcare delivery, and will continue to do so in the future, with technology playing a pivotal role. Similar trends are prevailing in the public sector too. (Federal News Radio)

Cutting the Wire: IoT Security

Headline grabbing security breaches from connected cars to traffic lights have started to raise alarm bells with smart appliance and device manufacturers. With the current explosion of billion-plus connected smart devices and machines worldwide, has security been put on the back burner? Technology companies and analysts from Asia give their insight into security and the world of IoT. (Digital News Asia)